Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery became the first Netflix original to play in the world’s largest exhibitors’ theaters.
Paddy Power has found its voice with a full-throated operatic re-enactment of classic terrace chants, complete with a 40-strong orchestra.
The hashtag #RIPTwitter is trending and lots of the site's users are scrambling to download their data. Could this be the end of Twitter?
Upside Foods has published an open letter to chickens in the New York Times in a wickedly wonderful campaign by Rethink.
The brand, Chosen Foods is shifting its marketing dollars and content strategy to produce its own long and short form videos on TikTok now that Gen Z…
McDonald’s has unveiled a new global campaign called “Wanna Go To McDonald’s?,” which features no shortage of celebs from across the spectrum.
Many Indian startups have popped up in the last 5 years or so, especially during the pandemic. One such person in the startup space is Aditya Arora, aka…
Amid other economic headwinds, brands are navigating a potentially tough shopping landscape as they compete for consumer dollars that are being squeezed…
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